Sports Tech HQ announced today the arrival of DaVinci Wearables to the growing portfolio of sports technology companies placing operations in Indiana.

DaVinci Wearables, a trailblazer in smart technology, focuses on tracking crucial aspects of female body physiology to provide athletes with valuable data for optimizing performance. Their innovative approach caters to the needs of active women, empowering them to understand their bodies, enhance their overall health and wellness and achieve their personal wellness goals. 

The platform provides access to third-party tools and services, combined with sensors embedded in smart clothes, including underwear. By using new levels of AI-enabled, adaptive, and actionable recommendations, DaVinci Wearables provides solutions for everyday wellness and health care, such as a reduction in negative mental load and increased positive daily performance. Their products are designed to empower active female lifestyles, allowing users to understand their bodies more deeply each day so they can focus on enhanced daily performance. 

“We are thrilled to welcome DaVinci Wearables to the thriving sports tech community in Indiana,” said Jeffrey Hintz, Executive Director of Sports Tech HQ. “Their recent experience with world-renowned accelerators such as Techstars Sports and MIT delta v have them primed for success. The groundbreaking tech paired with AI-enabled insights for women is an incredible example of how sports tech can enhance and change lives.”

“At DaVinci Wearables, we encourage women to be the CEO of their health,” said Dr. Christy Fernandez-Cull, CEO and founder of DaVinci Wearables. “With the support of Sports Tech HQ, we look forward to leveraging the sports tech ecosystem in Indiana to further empower female athletes with cutting-edge technology. We believe this collaboration will bring about positive changes in the sports tech landscape, particularly in the realm of women’s health and wellness.”

DaVinci Wearables invites individuals to be part of their pilot program by accessing a clip-on device or exploring the range of smart clothes. The platform’s pre-order option is available, providing users with early access to personalized health, wellness, and fitness recommendations. DaVinci Wearables will begin their Indiana presence in 2024 with staff and a location at the Emerging Manufacturing Collaborative Center (EMC2) in the 16 Tech Innovation District. 

About DaVinci Wearables

Level up your wellness journey. DaVinci Wearables’ smart technology tracks your cycle, bloating, and crucial aspects of female body physiology, providing you with valuable data enabling peak performance. Access to our platform unlocks new levels of AI-enabled, adaptive and actionable insights creating everyday wellness and health care in a single solution.

About Sports Tech HQ

Sports Tech HQ is a non-profit organization based in Indiana, dedicated to cultivating, growing, and accelerating the sports tech ecosystem. By investing in innovation and fostering collaboration, Sports Tech HQ supports companies through every stage of development, from the first pitch to the final exit.