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No place does sports like Indiana. A premier destination for industry innovation, the Hoosier State is home to tech giants, six professional sports teams, and influential athletic governing bodies like the NCAA and USA Gymnastics. Known for annually hosting the Indianapolis 500—the world’s largest single-day sporting event—the state capitalizes on opportunities to shape the next generation of sports technology entrepreneurs. 

“Name a major sporting event, and we’ve likely hosted it. Sports have always been part of the fabric of Indianapolis,” says Jeff Hintz, Indiana Sports Corp’s vice president of innovation and executive director at Sports Tech HQ. “Combined with our thriving technology and investment scene, the ingredients for opportunity are just right.” 

The state lives at the intersection of rich sports history and cutting-edge tech, a winning combination that defines companies like Indiana Sports Corp. Established in 1979, the organization hosts world-class sporting events that drive Indiana’s economy. Now, Hintz’s new venture, Sports Tech HQ, is shaping the next generation of sports innovation across the state. 

“We’re building a powerful sports tech ecosystem and growing the network of companies that call Indiana home,” says Hintz. Formed by Indiana Sports Corp in partnership with the Indiana Economic Development 

Corporation, the nonprofit organization creates opportunities for sports tech entrepreneurs by investing in innovation while cultivating a community of business creators.

Secret Sauce

“We’re entering a new era of innovation. Technology is changing the game,” says Hintz, who has worked with industry giants from the 

PGA of America to the NBA 2K League. “Tech is such a large sector, and sports technology alone is on track to grow 20% per year through 2030. From wearable devices that track fitness movements to the data generated by those devices that companies use to enhance what they do, we invest in sports tech entrepreneurs and create opportunities for their businesses.” 

That includes support from a collaborative network of industry partners that provide all the resources businesses need to scale at speed in one convenient place. Joined by Techstars Sports Accelerator, Sports Tech HQ helps startups incubate and optimize their business while helping established brands expand more efficiently. 

“From the first pitch to the final exit, we provide creators the help they need to launch their next big idea across fitness tech, esports, sports betting, and more,” says Hintz. 

An Indiana native, he proudly praises his home state. “Indiana is an affordable place to live, work, and play compared to other tech hubs. We are known internationally for a comprehensive economic sports strategy. But most importantly, the people of Indiana work so well together—for the benefit of our state,” Hintz says. “That’s our secret sauce.”