From our fitness routines to our fantasy teams, the world is entering a new era of sports innovation. The game is changing—one startup at a time. Sports Tech HQ’s podcast explores the exciting developments in sports technology and innovation, the founders leading the work, and the role state and local communities play in cultivating the ecosystem.

Our first episode features Alex Ocampo, founder and CEO at Ganance. The team at Ganance is increasing the adoption of wearable technology through the development of a revolutionary modular health tracker, a small device that enables users to make any watch a smartwatch.

For Alex, it all started with a particular special watch, one given to him by his brother. As wearable technology has proliferated the market, consumers are often asked to choose between their style and data. With wrist watches, in particular, that often means storing away a priceless heirloom in favor of the latest functionality. Ganance is poised to change that, disrupting the wearable tech market with a modular solution that can make any watch a smartwatch.

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